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on Dyslexia



#11 Should I tell my child?

Facebook Chat #11 — Should I tell my child that he has dyslexia, and if so, how?


What about dual immersion schools?

My son has dyslexia. He attends a dual immersion school where half the classes teach reading, spelling and writing in Spanish. The other half teach those same subjects in English.

If I hire a Certified Barton Tutor to work with him twice a week after school, is it okay to leave him in that school?


#9 When to stop Barton tutoring

Facebook Video Chat #9 – When has a student had enough tutoring in the Barton Reading & Spelling System?


#8 Is it time to switch schools?

Facebook Video Chat #8 – Is it time to change schools? And if so, what are my choices — and which one is best for someone with dyslexia?


#6 How to measure progress?

Facebook Video Chat #6 – How to measure progress